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The Money Course

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Welcome to the Money Course

Blending down-to-earth wisdom with tried-and-tested practical teaching, the Money Course is designed to help individuals explore their personal relationship with money and take control of their individual or household finances.

The course can be run by any church or organisation seeking to address the very real problem of financial ill health in the communities they serve.

Who is behind the course?

The Money Course was first written and developed by a team at HTB church in 2008 and grew out of a need for simple teaching on the subject of money in response to numerous requests for help from people who had got themselves in a muddle financially. The first Money Course ran in January 2009 and has run at HTB ever since.

In 2010, HTB/Alpha joined forces with Stewardship to develop the course further and make it more widely available. Stewardship has extensive experience of money education and training and readily supported the desire to further equip churches and community groups to run courses in their own setting.

Why do the Money Course?

  • Explore your relationship with, and attitudes towards, money
  • Get advice on budgeting and managing money, regardless of your financial circumstances
  • Regain control over finances where things have got into a muddle
  • Get support if you are worried about, or struggling with, your financial situation


About The Course


What is it?

The Money Course blends biblical principles with tried-and-tested practical teaching to help individuals prepare a robust and realistic personal or household budget. Over eight modules, this relaxed, fun, interactive course aims to help individuals:

  • Build a personal or household budget step by step in order to take control of their money. The course includes tips and strategies on controlling and balancing personal finances and highly effective practical methods of managing spending day by day
  • Think through wider issues of financial capability, the importance of financial planning, regular saving, the wise use of credit and the importance of generous giving
  • Explore their own relationship with money and their attitudes to subjects such as spending and giving, using the wisdom of the Bible as a reference point
  • Find additional help and one-to-one support through a personal Budget Coach if appropriate


What are the aims of the course?

  • The main focus of the course is deeply practical. Our aim is to empower guests to take back control if they have lost it, and give them the tools to make discerned choices about how they spend their money rather than having circumstances dictate their choices.
  • The course also seeks to ground our understanding of money in the down-to-earth wisdom of the Bible. However, it is explicitly designed to be accessible to all – those with a personal faith, those exploring faith, those of other faiths and of no faith at all.


Who is it for?

The Money Course is for everyone, regardless of their personal circumstances, who:

  • Would like to explore their relationship with, and attitudes towards, money and how they handle it
  • Would like advice on budgeting and managing their money
  • Would like to understand more about the state of their finances and learn to control them more effectively
  • May be worried about, or struggling with, their financial situation

The course is not specifically aimed at those in serious, acute debt, although will still be useful in teaching basic principles and providing useful tools for someone in this situation.

Follow this link to find sources of support if you are in debt (UK users only)

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