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Coach DeCarlo Eskridge International-Trainer | Consultant | Speaker

DeCarlo’s Room Set Up Guide

DeCarlo’s highest priority is to offer you support in having an event that runs smoothly and results in a huge success for both you and your audience.

Based on years of experience, here are suggestions that provide the best environment for your attendees. It is the little things that result in making the biggest difference in their interaction and having positive memories that last long after your event is over.


  • For smaller size audiences with less than 30 attendees and if the event is in a smaller room, a microphone is not necessary.
  • With audiences larger than 30 or in a large room, a microphone is required to assure all of your attendees can easily hear DeCarlo. A wireless lavaliere microphone allows him to move freely on the platform and out into the audience. An option is for him to use him over-the-ear microphone which has multiple connectors that adapt to a wireless battery.


  • Facial expressions are a key aspect of DeCarlo’s use of humor. Keep him easily visible with as much light as possible so everyone sitting from the front row all the way to the back will receive the greatest benefit from his message.

Platform Riser and Lectern

  • For audiences of 50 or more, a riser assures everyone in the room can see him.
  • If it is necessary to have a lectern, please place it on the left or right of where he will be standing. If it must be center stage, allow enough space for DeCarlo to walk in front of it so it does not form a Barrier between him and your audience.
  • Either a solid lectern with a shelf or a small high top table provides a place for water and props.

Projector and Screen

  • DeCarlo may utilize PPT slides support his message, but are not the main focal point. If you want him to include PPT, please provide a projector and screen. He can bring his laptop and remote if necessary and his PowerPoint on a thumb drive.
  • Place the screen on the opposite side from the lectern and not in the middle of the platform.

Backdrop or wall behind speaker

  • Please provide DeCarlo with the color of wall or backdrop behind where he will be speaking. This allows him to wear a bright contrasting and not conflicting color.

Room Setup

  • Ideal room setup depends on the number of attendees, shape of the room and seating style. If the room is long and narrow, your attendees will have a better view if DeCarlo speaks from the center of the longest wall. The closer the seating, the higher the level of energy. It is better to allow space around the sides and back of the room than to spread seating out to make the room look full.
  • It is most important to have the first row of attendees seated no farther than 6’ from the platform regardless if the seating is theater, chevron, classroom, rounds or half rounds.
  • Set up just enough seating for the minimum number of attendees you anticipate. It is better to have the feeling you have a full audience than have attendees see empty seats and rows up front.

Prior to the Event

  • DeCarlo has a reputation for being the first to arrive. This gives him an opportunity to check the room, his PowerPoint, have an audio/visual check and be on hand to help where needed.